Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Peach State

This past weekend I got to visit Atlanta, Georgia! This was my first visit to the Peach State, so I was excited to explore :-) With the help of Atlanta's best tour guides, I packed a ton into my weekend get away. 

What sparked the trip was Patrick's game against the Falcons. I decided to make the drive (about 4 hours from Nashville) because the 19th was Patrick's 26th Birthday. If I didn't go, I wouldn't have gotten to see him at all, except for when he woke up in the morning. Our friends, Ryan and Erin (Introduced in my blog post from last month "In The Woods With The Woods") offered for me to stay with them, which was so sweet! It made it a no-brainer for me to make the trip!

We went to the restaurant JCT Kitchen for Patrick's Birthday meal. It housed fancier Southern Style cooking and was delicious! We got a banana almond cake for dessert and they personalized it for the Birthday Boy - fun! I think my handsome hubby is getting better with age...26 looks good on him ;-)

After dinner, Patrick had to get back to the hotel for meetings and curfew, but our night wasn't over. Our next stop was the Sun Dial Room atop the Westin Hotel.

Get this, the circular room has a belt that is constantly moving your table around the room so the entire city can be seen. So unique! We circled in 35 minutes time while enjoying drinks. I opted for the Georgia Peach ;-)

The next morning, we toured the World of Coca-Cola. I love Coke and had no idea it was created in Atlanta. What a neat place! Coke memorabilia dating back from as far as 1886 was sprinkled throughout the museum, along with facts and information on the history of my favorite beverage. 

We also got to see how Coke is made, and taste 60 different Coke products from around the world! 

I'd say stick with the original! None of the other soft drinks compared to Coke! 

Like all museums, there was a gift shop, but this store was on another level! Anything you could think of, they had it there with Coke labeled on it somewhere. They even had Dolce & Gabbana sweaters and sweatshirts for the fashionista Coke drinker...for $180! Wow...I'll pass!
After, we grabbed some lunch at the CNN Center. I also had not known Atlanta is home to the popular world news station - very cool! This was double the fun because my friend Liz came to meet us for lunch. So nice to see my old college buddy! :-) 

The game was a lot of fun! I had never attended a game inside a dome, so that was different for me. We had amazing seats on the 40 yard line 

Thanks Ryan & Erin!

The game was fun, but not ideal for the Titans fans in attendance...we lost, and it wasn't the prettiest of losses. The final score was 23-17.
After the game we got to hang out with Patrick for a little before he boarded the bus for the airport :-) 

Such a fun weekend! Can't wait to visit Atlanta again in the near future! Thanks Ryan and Erin for being great hosts, and thanks Britney for being my "date" when Patrick wasn't around - haha!

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