Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Year To Remember :-)

2011 marked the biggest year of my life thus far. It was full of anticipation and excitement, and so many memories I will cherish forever! It was filled with firsts that will last a lifetime, and I'm so thankful for each and every moment.

Obviously, the largest milestone was marrying Patrick. We had looked forward to that day for so long, and it came and went so quickly. It was followed by our first time together as man and wife and a fabulous Honeymoon to Playa Mujeres, Mexico! That trip marked the first time I got my passport stamped :-)

We then slipped back into the real world and learned how to live with each other for the first time. We adjusted to this change really well. Yes, I'm a neat freak, and Patrick is more messy than I'd like him to be, but other than that, we've had no real problems :-) I love falling asleep in his arms and waking up to his good morning is good!

Patrick worked really hard this year and got his instrumentation rating in flying. He is now licensed to fly in the clouds and rain, and we did both when we traveled to and from Narragansett, Rhode Island for the Fourth of July. His flying still scares me, but there is a real sense of pride that cushions that fear. He worked so hard, and I'm so proud he accomplished what he set out for!

This year I ended my career in Medical Sales, and am really looking forward to starting a new one in Photography :-) I met a photographer in Nashville, and I'm going to assist her on shoots, organize her business and start selling for her. I also hope to learn more about this creative craft and ultimately one day maybe start my own photography business shooting children and families :-)

Another big change this year was us moving from Pittsburgh to Nashville for Patricks job. I have really enjoyed getting to know Nashville and the friends we've made here! I really adjusted well and learned to love this city. God willing, we will be here for the remainder of 2012 :-) Patrick had a great year with the Titans. He helped contribute on Special Teams with 9 credited tackles and a blocked punt that lead to a touchdown! It's been so exciting seeing him thrive and succeed! He is up for contract this year though, so we will be anticipating learning if God wants him to continue here or go elsewhere.

Our home in Pittsburgh underwent a tremendous amount of changes this year. We got the exterior painted, and re-stained our deck and all of our wood trimming around the yard. We've also gutted two bathrooms, put down a new kitchen floor and painted the entire downstairs. It's been exciting for our little home :-) 

2011 was a great year for us, so I was a little sad to see it end! I have faith 2012 will be just as good though - just in different ways. We hope to expand our family this year, and are hoping God has that planned out in our marriage! We also hope to do a little bit of traveling. We already have a few trips planned and will definitely visit San Antonio, Pittsburgh and Orlando. This year I hope to continue my writing, and become more diligent in doing so. I also want to continue my reading and digging into the Holy Bible. Each day I want to get closer and closer to my Lord, Jesus Christ! 

I wish you and yours the best in have the power to make it a year to remember, so don't waste this golden opportunity at a new beginning! 

Below is a recap of our year in pictures...Enjoy! 
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