Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Franklin Living

Patrick and I officially made Tennessee our home on May 18th, 2012 by moving to the town of Franklin, which is about 30 minutes from downtown Nashville. We came to terms on the house in March, so it seemed like forever to finally get in and make it our own! We have been it it for a little over two weeks now and it has been great so regrets! Here are some photos from our first day at our house!
It was very necessary for us to make sure the pool worked first and foremost :-) 
Good news, it does! We'll keep it! ;-) 

After our swim we unloaded a few boxes and then headed back to our apartment for the night. The next day was our official moving day. We were up and at it early, getting the Uhaul and filling it with all our boxes from both Pittsburgh and Nashville...what a load! We've got A LOT of stuff! I didn't know the capacity until it was all in one spot. Thankfully, my sweet friend, Lauren, helped us! Thanks Lauren!

After we got the Uhaul filled, we headed towards Franklin. On the way, we picked up our new table and chairs at Home Depot, since we had the truck. As we pulled in the parking lot I inwardly laughed and screamed at the same time...there in front of me was a sign for "Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale"...! If you didn't know, now you do, Patrick LOVES Goldens! He has been begging for one since before we were married. The plan was always "When we have a house, we'll get a dog." I told Lauren to start the countdown for when my phone would ring, and we both laughed as we caught Patrick's reflection in the rearview mirror...the biggest grin ever! Within seconds my phone rang with my husband saying "Can we get a puppy?!" in his sweetest baby talk voice lol. We went to look at them and I can hardly believe we ended up leaving with a dog! My friend Lauren kept saying "You went to Home Depot for a table and came home with a table and a dog"...we know we are a tad bit nuts! No regrets though! Gotta love our little guys first photos...all including the moving van! 
 We named him Franklin because, well, we moved to Franklin the day we got him! We almost named him "Dug" because we moved to a community called Douglass Glen, but Franklin won out! We just love him! He's been a really good dog! I continue to be amazed that he kinda knows the difference between his chew toys and what he isn't supposed to chew. We've had no big problems there. However, he has had a few potty accidents, but only one has been inside the house, the rest on the screened in porch, which has a tile floor and is easy to clean up. He does have days with no accidents, so we are making progress! He's only 9 weeks, so he is still young to obey commands...we will get there though! We have officially taught him "sit" and sometimes he will listen to "stay". For the most part, he's very laid back and mellow. He will let anyone pet him, and everyone he meets wants to give him some loving :-) Here are some pics from his first week at home...
Pup's real big on being in the bushes because he likes the shade. 
He hasn't discovered what a pool is yet, but there is no doubt in my mind that when he does it will be very hard to keep him out of it! 
Family Photo!
After his first bath! 
Toys from Godmommie Lauren! 
My Silly Boys :-)
Such a Daddy's Boy!  
When he's in the house this is where he is at...on top of a vent! He loves the cold air blowing on him!

Our first weeks in the house haven't been all about the pup, we've made a lot of progress ourselves! The painters finally finished so now we can start settling! Here are a few pics from our progress...
PB putting our patio table and chairs together
Finished Product :-)

 Our Bedroom...still have to get wall decor and curtains, but we'll get there...eventually. We put in the ceiling fan since PB has to have air blowing on him.

Our Master Bath...again, need curtains, but we have everything else done!

Our Dining Room :-)

I fell madly in love with this table! I must give my husband props...he selected the chair material AND the area rug! I think he did a fabulous job! 

Our still needs some work, but we will get there! The few things we got on the walls make all the difference in the world!

We haven't gotten our formal living room furniture yet, but I have gotten our books and picture frames up...they may not have our pictures in them yet, but they are up! LOL! Moving is a process!!!! 

 The avalanche of empty boxes!!!! We really need to break them down and get them out of our would make our progress look so much better!

So there is a little peek at our home so far :-) I have to tell myself daily that Rome wasn't built in a day and it will just take time to get everything complete. We'll keep plugging away at it! We hope all our close friends and family will come visit us at some point! 

Hugs From Franklin!