Monday, October 17, 2011

My First Visit *Home*

Ahh, my first visit home has come and gone. I had an enjoyable week back in the Burgh. I got to spend time with my family, see some of my dearest friends, and of course attend the Steelers/Titans game at Heinz Field.

It was a beautiful week! I like to say I brought the Tennessee sunshine back to Pittsburgh with me :-) I was told the week prior to my trip it was cold and rainy - it even rained the morning I arrived. But when my flight touched down, I was greeted with nothing but warmth and sunshine the entire trip! LOVE IT! The leaves were starting to change color - it was gorgeous! 

My first stop was dinner at Primanti's...I had missed that place! I also got to get my hair done by my favorite stylist, Val, anddd I got to get a mani/pedi at Salon Chic! Those are three things that can't be duplicated in Tennessee!

I had planned a little girls night prior to my trip...a BIG thank you to all my girlfriends who stopped by! It was so good to see all of you! :-) 

The timing of the game and my trip were perfect! I got to go to my niece, Adelaide's, 3rd Birthday party! I know with the move I will eventually have to miss family functions like holidays and birthdays, and when that time comes I know I will be so sad. Fortunately, I haven't had to miss anything yet. Happy 3rd Birthday Adelaide! Aunt Maggie loves you SO much!!! 


My trip wasn't all fun and games. I had a little bit of business to take care of. Our house in Pittsburgh is going to be under some major construction changes while we are away, so I had to meet with contractors concerning that matter. Starting next month, two of our bathrooms are being gutted, a new kitchen floor is being put down, and the entire downstairs is undergoing a paint job. The house needs these changes and we figured it would be best to get it all completed while nobody is living there. I'll keep you posted on the changes! 

My final full day in Pittsburgh was the game day. Ughh...I dreaded it, but also looked forward to was a weird mix of emotions. Like Patrick, I hadn't been back in Heinz Field since the last preseason game he played there in the 2010 season. I knew it would be weird wearing the Titans blues in the land of black and gold - and I expected to be heckled by some fans for doing so. I didn't expect it to be quite as hurtful as it was though. Some of the comments were comical..."What stinks" as I walked by, or "Are you lost?". Even the occasional "BOO" or a "Here We Go, Steelers" chant was fine. I lost my cool after halftime though. I was walking back to my seat from meeting up with some of the Steeler wives when a male fan ran after me and hit me with his terrible towel. I turned around to see who just hit me and he screamed at me "Get out of here" - it doesn't sound like much, but he had such angst in his face. It really rubbed me the wrong way. Back at my seat I started to notice people turning around to cheer at us any time the Steelers made a big play against the Titans. This one lady kept saying "Aww, so sad Titans fans, so sad" - at which I wish I would have responded "You're so sad!" I mean c'mon, we all payed good money for our tickets. I have just as much right to be there representing my team as you do! Furthermore, how is it my fault if someone on the field makes a mistake???!!! I still shake my head thinking about it. 

I guess it upset me so much because I have never reacted that way to opposing teams fans when supporting the Steelers or the Titans. I've always had the "to each their own" mind frame. Furthermore, any time I've gone to away games, I've never been disrespected because of the jersey I had on...and that includes the Steeler game I went to in Cincinnati. Actually, I should add the Cincinnati fans were actually really nice to me, I had several come up to me and tell me they liked my "Little Earth" Steeler purse!

Our walk to the car was kinda rough. We got called profanities that I'd rather not have associated with my blog. When we got to the car, some tailgaters started to circle us and get on us about the loss. Clearly, they were heavily under the influence. A guy stumbled behind me and said "Bailey, who the hell is Bailey?" I responded, "Bailey is my husband!" He wasn't expecting that one and it was quite comical to see him try to fumble through his words after that. 

Other than the fans at the game, my trip home was amazing. I'll be back in the Burgh for my friend Kristina's wedding in November, and I'm so looking forward to it!


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