Saturday, February 18, 2012

For The Record...

Before I proceed any further with my blog posts I want to clarify why exactly I chose to blog. Point blank, I do it for me, not for you, but I do choose to share with all of you. See, I've kept a diary since the 4th grade and I still have each and every one of those books tucked away in safe keeping. I enjoy going back and looking over those lost days and laughing about what seemed like such a big problem at the time, or smiling at the memory of special milestones documented in my life. As technology advanced I realized I could blog instead and it would be so much simpler. Let's face it, my hand wouldn't get tired from writing so much (we all know I can be lengthy!), I'd never get another ink smudge on my pinkie finger and most importantly there wouldn't be misspelled words - thanks to spellcheck!

If you know me at all, you know I'm sentimental. I'm the girl who always has her camera on her, takes way too many pictures, scrapbooks for fun, and yes, blogs as well. I'll do anything I can to preserve my precious memories!

I put my blogs out there for my friends and family to read because in this fast paced life we don't always get to fill in those we love and care about with all the details of it. My blog allows me to do this, and for the most part I've gotten positive feedback. I have many friends who tell me they enjoy reading my blog, and even a few who tell me they can't wait until I post the next entry, which is so sweet and touching to me as writing has always been a big part of my life!

My point for this entry is this, this blog is not a bragging post, rather a memory keeper so please, don't get it twisted! Yes, I've had many blessings showered upon me and I am humbled that my life is what it is. I know God has been so good to me and I give Him all of the glory. Sentimental me wants to remember all the details of the exciting things that happen in my life and I'm thankful that such a thing as a blog has been created for me to do so so simply. So please keep the positivity. If you don't like my blog then simply don't read it. I'm not looking for comments or approval on what I post, rather I'm just looking for a simple way to preserve the special moments in my life :-)


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