Friday, August 5, 2011

Michigan and Tennessee Trips

Patrick and I have probably spent half of our new marriage traveling. Since March we've been to...
Playa Mujeres, Mexico
San Antonio, Texas
West Point, New York
Somerset, Pennsylvania
Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania
Las Vegas, Nevada
Ann Arbor, Michigan
State College, Pennsylvania
Narragansett, Rhode Island
Dundee and Ann Arbor, Michigan
Louisville, Kentucky
Nashville, Tennessee

Crazy right?! I love our hectic life though and wouldn't trade it for anything!

I'm going to touch on the latter three trips.

Patrick and I headed up north to Michigan so he could train with his agent, Doc. Night one we stayed in Dundee at this neat little Holiday Inn Express that was in cahoots with Cabella's...not your typical Holiday Inn right?! Kinda cool!!


I told Patrick I wish I would have counted up all the deer in our room alone lol...there was a deer border, and there were even deers printed on the tiles in the bathtub! A little overboard, but fun none the less!

We then spent a few days with our friends Christine and JJ. They have three golden retrievers that Patrick just loves! Butterscotch, Beans and Nilla are their names. Can you guess which one is Patrick's favorite??? If you guessed "BEANS" you are correct! LOL! Patrick spent most of his free time playing with the dogs. I told him he was cheating on me with three other blondes - Ha!

One day I got to go to the Art Fair in downtown Ann Arbor...very fun! My Michigan friend, Melissa, took me. See, one of the perks of traveling is making new friends! Now every time I go there I call Melissa and we hang out at least one day! It was her idea to take me to the Art Fair and I loved it! So much cool stuff...I didn't splurge but I did buy a little doodad for the yard asking my plants and flowers to "Please Grow" - lol yes, I'm that girl!!

After we stopped over at Michigan Stadium...Fun!

Our final night in Michigan, Doc gave us a gift certificate for a local hotel. We had a "poolside suite" and this was our view...

Kinda cool right?! We had dinner there that night and we were told we had to have the prime glad we did! It was the best I'd ever had!

Once home, the lockout ended and it was off to Nashville my lover went. We were 5-minute hugging it out when all of a sudden Patrick got up and ran to the computer lol. I'm sitting there thinking he just ruined our moment when he said, "Wanna come to Nashville with me?" I wasn't ready to say goodbye so I jumped on that offer! Within 20 minutes we had the car packed and were on the road. Because he got a later start then he had wanted, we stayed in Louisville for the night. The next day we drove the 3 hours to Nashville. 

I dropped Patrick off at the Titans training facility and went out to explore what could be my new home! Let's just say thank goodness I have a GPS!! I wanted a manicure so I look in the GPS for nails and I find "Anita's Nails" I then say to myself "Maybe Anita will be my new friend in Nashville"! Anita's Nails was non-existent and I was in a pretty seedy part of Nashville. Lets just say I saw two people walking with no shoes 90 degree weather! Ouch!!! I got myself out of there real quick. I eventually found a place that charged me $20 for a polish change...just to paint my nails! Oyi! I need to find a happy medium in that town!!! Better yet, Salon Chic should just relocate there! :-)

After a little "linner" at the Macaroni Grille (Score! They have one there!) Patrick took me to the airport and I headed home.

It's not so much fun being in Pittsburgh while Patrick is in Nashville but we're doing it. I will get to see him on August 11th which I am SO excited about!!! Until then...XOXO

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